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Reefing newb
Hello all, A little about myself im new to the saltwater hobby I have a successful freshwater tank set up for like a year now with growing rainbow fish and cories. My saltwater knowledge comes from reading all the time and I have a 2 month old 8 gallon bio cube with about 8 lbs live rock and a two damsels also a clean up crew I plan on putting a couple frags in this weekend. A friend is giving me a couple that are easy for beginners. The main reason for joining is I have wanted to do a large tank. So about a month ago I bought a used 55gal with stand and filters and was just going to settle doing another fresh setup. Until today I find an ad for a 75 gal corner drilled tank for 60 dollars so I couldn't pass up the deal. so now im here to find out more info and figure out what I need to get I like to have everything before I start so any help would be appreciated. sorry for the long intro. Also where should I post my setup questions and stock questions. thanks in advance
Hello and welcome!!

"New to Reefing" is a great section for general information and new posts. Other than that, just pick the proper category (fish for fish and so forth. :) )