To Buy, or Not to Buy?


SPS Addict
That is thy question. $125 for this setup, tank is 75g rimless (supposedly new) with a half finished stand. What are you thoughts?


If it's in good shape then it sounds like a good deal to me. New rimless 75g usually go for $300-500 new.
i dont know, i have not seen the tank in person yet but i just sent the guy a message who is selling it, if it is chipped then im not buying it. hopefully its not. If it isn't, i am thinking about buying it.. but wanted more opinions first
Don't you already have a 75 gallon tank?

As if you can actually HAVE enough tanks??? :shock: What kind of reefer are you??


That is really cheap! Check for leaks! If he doesn't let you fill it up with water before paying, I'd walk away...unless you are willing to scrape off the silicone and reseal it.