Theres a new newbie in town.


Reefing newb
I just wanted to take this time to say Hello! to everyone at Living Reefs. I am new to the hobby but am very excited. I have a 12 gallon aquapod that I am starting out on. I am ready to learn and watch my tank flourish (hopefully).:D
Welcome! That should be a really fun tank for you to start out with, though I'm sure you will be itching for something bigger in time. Be sure to ask plenty of questions. Questions are better than guessing when it comes to this hobby.
Welcome, good luck with the fish. If you are married good luck explaining why you always need better equipment.

Gotta say. my wife is really good about it. We are always tight on funds, but she likes to see me enjoy the hobby - within reason and the budget.
Welcome to the site. Remember to ask before acting read up as much as you can in the articels section and have fun!
Thanks. I think the budget issue will be a good thing. I am a college student with a minimal budget which will help with the patience I can keep with the tank. If I don't have the money I can't really rush the tank.
Welcome, I'm pretty new to and also started with a nano. you will like it here everyone was very helpful to me when i started