The Perfect Tank?


Reefing newb
My LFS has a 90g tank, regularly $2500cdn on sale for $999! I may lay it away as I just invested in my 50g tank and I clearly need to get the hang of what I've already done. My learning curve has been steep, and thanks to the many who replied to my initial post, it's been an interesting first week! The 90 gallon got me thinking......

So, my question.... I won't say money is no object, but I do like to go broke on anything I'm passionate about. If I had around $2500 to set up a tank (excluding fish), what equipment (lights, heaters, filters, etc) and what type of live rock/sand would YOU get? I mean any of you, the more contributions the better...

My tastes....

I will say that an Achilles Tang is my current dream fish.
I am interested in eels and lionfish, but would stick to a peaceful tank if it allowed better variety.
I am very interested in unique anemones and corals.

So that's that. I hope that this is in the right spot in the forum, and I WILL be purchasing something by years end based on whatever feedback I get here....

Thanks in advance! J
If you really want an Achilles Tang,then your gonna need a lot bigger tank than a 90.
If I was looking at buying a new 90gal.I'd be looking at a good set of T5 lights with individual reflectors to begin with.With at least 6X 54 watt bulbs.
If the tanks not reef ready,I'd be having it drilled for a sump system with a good skimmer.
For the rock.I'd be cherry picking from the LFS.Both dry base rock and live.The base is cheaper and the live will seed it over time.
For sand,Sugar grain aragonite about 2" deep in the display.
Power heads would be 4X Koralia #4s then 2 of the magnium koralias hooked to a timer for a surge effect.
Only reef safe fish and inverts:D
Then filler full of corals:D
Yeah, I'm looking at a minimom 180g for an Achilles, right?

Thanks for the reply, I am going to hop on google and research it all. I already havre my Christmas bonus spent. I feel like Clark Griswald ;)
Yes, tank and stand only. Kind of looks like it should be in a doctors office, not a home hobbyist. It just got me thinking upgrade, so I thought I'd have you guys tell me what to do. It seems the person I bought the tank from and the dudes at my lfs have all just been selling me.
I think that $999 for only tank and stand of that size is very overpriced. It would be a good deal if it came with lights and skimmer and sump, for example, but you could get a brand new 90 gallon tank and stand for much cheaper than that.
$999 CDN would be about $750 USD,

Ted, that's a great link, with a simple interface. Thanks....

I know that I'll hunt something down that will satisfy my needs and budget.