The OFFICIAL 10 gal contest!

Allow me to express my distaste for the required weekly test.
I don't test my tank unless something looks off.


I'll post up in a couple days. Maybe I'll just skip those points.

Since Dana's going to enter, I don't stand a chance anyway. :)
lol sorry erin! Dems da rulz! I really wanted this to be about sustainability and I think that weekly water tests is absolutely critical, especially in such a small environment. A lot of times in a tank as small as these, by the time something looks wrong and you test the water, the tank is already past saving, at least, that is what I have heard in the research I have done and in my own experiences.

That all being said, a lot of you already have tank threads up and they look awesome! Good job on your first posts! If anybody is thinking about entering and you are not sure how the first posts are suppose to look, check out the contest forum and look for some of the 10 gal builds. They are looking great!

Just one more week until the entry deadline! Remember, all you need to enter is 10 gallons of saltwater and a few hermit crabs!
ya know I didn't think of that. What do we think?? You won't lose points right now because technically, the contest doesn't start for another week so you could just edit your post ;-). I think we should say you get one fish or coral freebee. Things die, it's part of the hobby. That doesn't always mean it's your fault! So I think we should say the first thing that dies in your tank is no points off. You lose a point for everything you lose after that (excluding hermit crabs and snails of course). What do you all think? Do we like this rule?
Well, then good thing the contest hasn't officially started yet... I went to look at her again after I posted that and watched her die in front of me :( Do I still get a freebie after the contest starts? lol
Aww, poor Violet :( Sorry Fishy! All of my Nerite snails have died. I think I had eight. Don't know if it was a bad batch or the small dinoflagellate outbreak, but my Astraeas were unaffected.:dunno:
Okay, there are still only 4 contest threads and it's May 31st!

I propose we extend all of the deadlines by 1 month to beef up the competition ;)
That totally counts! Just makes sure you put up your contest thread with all of your pictures and params by next friday!

FishyReef, I don't know that extending the contest will help at all :( . Most of the people who have had interest in the contest have already created threads so I think we should start unless EVERYBODY thinks we should wait.
I think it's cuz there were like 10 of us that were starting tiny tanks that expressed interest in the contest, but when it came down to laying cards on the table, the majority folded. I, however, did not fold.
Oh, I hear you on that. I wasn't sure if you were disappointed about not extending the contest or that more hadn't entered. I thought for sure there were going to be entries from at least 3-4 other folks who will remain unnamed...
I will be putting my contest tank thread in the morning since i just set my tank up today. And my sea star came out of hiding and I got some really cool pics!
I'll make one tonight. Wrote myself a reminder and everything.

And I am very well aware of the importance of keeping on top of water quality in a small tank. I was simply stating that *I* can tell if something is off by the way certain things look. That is all.