The OFFICIAL 10 gal contest!

Hmmm... Just my opinion, but Samhain is on the right track. You don't want to allow people to add corals right up to the judging date. It's very easy for me to go to my LFS, spend $150 on a bunch of nice corals, throw them in the tank, take a picture, and a week later they're all dead because I didn't know what I was doing. The ability to keep things alive is an important part of this hobby.

+1 Bifferwine
Awesome dixiegirl21191! You can enter your tank any time before the end of this month. To enter, you have to just have something living in it (aka get some saltwater and a snail and your in!). Final stocking date will be August 1st so you will have plenty of time to stock your tank. That is part of the fun of the contest is for us to see you stock it!
Where are we officially posting our contest tanks? Do we create a separate thread in the contest section, post here, post a link to our official build thread, etc? Cuz I'm in!
lol shoot i totally forgot to post all of that! I have 2 days off so ill write it on vacation! So, official scoring and contest thread rules on Thursday i PROMISE.
Rules I promised and rules I shall deliver!

Here are the original guidlines of this contest modified to reflect what we all decided earlier in the thread.

-Your total tank volume must be between 5 and 12 gallons (this means that your tank + sump + filters = 5 to 12 gallons)
-Your tank must be started no later than January 1st, 2012 and must be started no later than May 31st, 2012
-For your tank to be officially started, your tank must have saltwater and at least 1 living organism in it
-Your tank must be sustainable (eg. no yellow tangs in your tank, you will be DQed)
-You must have your entire stocking finished by August 1st (so after August 1st, you can't add anything, corals, fish, or inverts, to your tank but snails and hermit crabs are exempt from this rule)
-You must post a weekly update picture (explained bellow)
-Judging will occure on September 1st!

Here are the guidlines for you tank thread!

-your tank thread should be posted in the "contests" catagory here on Living Reefs
-your tank thread needs to be named "YourHandle's 10 gal contest tank!" (so for me it would be "R3verb's 10 gal contest thread).
-you must post the following things at least every 7 days.
-A picture of your tank (full tank shot, extras are welcome but FTS is required)
-your current stocking list (eg what is in your tank)
-your current water parameters (pictures of your parameters are the best!)
-Spacific gravity
-Your first post in your tank thread should include your tank's size, what you plan to keep in the tank, the start date of the tank, equipment (eg lights, pumps heaters etc). You should also

Here are the guidline for scoring!

This contest will be determind in part by vote and in part my score. You will recive points for the following things:

You will revieve one point per week for having acceptable levels of each parameter. We will discuss what acceptable levels for each parameter are here on this thread but for example, if we determin that a PH level between 7.7 and 8.3 is acceptable, if you are in those parameters, you get a point. If you are just outside of the parameters (say you have an 8.5) you will niether lose nor gain a point. If your PH level is deemed to be in the danger zone (let's say you have a 9.2) you will lose a point. If you have dangerouse levels of any parameter for 3 consecutive weeks, you are Disqualified.

You will revieve one point per week for posting a FTS of your tank. A full tank shot has to have the entire tank in view. This meens both sides of the tank, the bottom and the top.

You will recive one point per week for having your current stocking list posted as stated above. This list should invlude EVERYTING that you put in the tank. So if you have 7 hermit crabs, you need to say 7 hermit crabs.

In addition to these easy points, there are some more difficult points to obtain. These will be aquired by votes by the LR community. There will be 5 different votes that will occure on the last day of the contest (September 1st). These categories are as follows:

-Best overall tank (worth 10 points)
This will be awarded to the person with the highest number of votes for their tank. This is the one that you feel is the best tank for any reason.

-Runner up to best tank (worth 5 points)
This will be awarded to the person with the 2nd highest number of votes for their tank.

-Cleanest tank (worth 5 points)
This category rewards the cleanest look to your tank (eg not being able to see the plumming, equipment, magnetic cleaners, etc, in your tank. This should be the tank that best highlights the fish rather than the equipment.

-Coolest Fish (worth 5 points)
This is for the person who has the coolest fish or invert in thier tank.

-Coolest Coral (worth 5 points)
This is for the person who has the coolest coral or nem in thier tank.

As you can see, this contest is not just about the final vote! You can get best tank but if you don't get the weekly points, you can still lose! I hope this makes for a fair, fun, and friendly contest! Last but not least, as of right now, WE HAVE NO PRIZES!!!! If anybody knows a good way to get this sponsored, let me know. Otherwise the prize may end up being like a $10 gift card to petsmart or something out of my pocket! Happy reefing!
oh also, if there are any admins following this thread (i think i saw biff earlier) can you help us out when it comes to voting time?!?!
Thanks Biff. I didn't know I could do polls! How do you do them? I looked before and didnt see anything. Is it something I have to HTML code or is there just an option. I think that should be all we need!
Good job to the three entrants that already have their contest threads up! Just so you all know, there is not extra points for extra params, just the ones on the contest thread (figured this would keep the cost of the contest down for those of you who don't already own every test kit in the world). At the end of the first week of competition, I will put up a post for entrants and how many points everybody has! I I will do that every Friday night baring any complications! Also, in about a week I will put up links to everybody's threads so it is easier to get to them from this thread. Good job getting your stuff up everybody!