The OFFICIAL 10 gal contest!

Alright guys and girls contest is OVER! I will tally up the scores this week and Friday I will have up voting for the few voting categories. I am going to ask for some extra pictures and you will put up a mini gallery so that everybody can judge your tank. Then on Friday the 14th I'll announce the winners!
Hey all,

Wow sorry I just dropped off the map like that. The wife and I have gone through some crazy job/money issues after this move in July and they are finally OVER! My wife finally got a great job that she really likes only 5 minutes from our house so I can FINALLY give out the prizes I promised on this contest. We are still catching up but expect that you will get your prizes sometime in Jan/Feb. I am going to try and get the voting up this weekend and tally everything up next weekend so we will finally have a winner. Sorry for the huge delay, I hope you can all forgive me :-D