Synderju's 29 Gallon Reef Tank

He's such a people lover too. Anytime anyone is near the tank he comes to the glass and starts wiggling away excitedly. So fun to watch. When people say fish don't have personalities they must have never really watched fish for very long.
nice! I'm hooking up my wet dry 2m wish me luck (would've been today but out of the 100 parts that make a wet dry filter I'm missing one tiny screw that holds the overflow box together) fml right? Lol
Good Luck too you! Let me know how it turns out!

so i hooked it up, it was kinda hard for me to figure it out by myself but i got it, as of the skimmer no idea what im doing lol i unpluged it and im gonna try again today.....when i hooked it up i got the water level where i needed it but there was sooooooo many microbubbles being released into the sump that my pump shoots em into my tank (its alot of bubbles)
That's normal for a new skimmer. They most times require a break in period. You could try putting a barrier between the return pump and the skimmer?
The bubbles won't harm the fish it is just kind of unsightly. Like chichimom said new skimmer need time to "break in" and during the break in period they put out a lot micro bubbles. Putting in over under over baffles in the sump will act as a bubble trap and prevent them from going into the display.
Here are some updates of the tank! Plus there is an older pic I never posted of my gf Ashley bonding with our clown Melvin! Didn't even have the black background on the tank yet lol


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Now here are some pics of the sump and the new cover I made out of eggcrate. Marineland says not to use the Reef Capable LED without a cover so I made one from eggcrate and zip tied an acrylic splash guard over it. Finally made a new one for the overflow and returned. Spray painted it black this time. Looks really nice I think.


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