So what would be idea?


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So what would be ideal?

I was given a 26 gallon( i think) flat back hex that I have decided to just fill with great looking live rock and some invertebrates(snails,shrimp,crabs..). I had a custom glass top made and am going to use a current 135watt +lunar for the lighting. The question is would an old fluval 303 filter + an air stone be sufficient for this size tank. It would be a lot cheaper than making a custom wet/dry+ prefilter(since the space underneath the tank is to odd for a convention one). I have never made one before and am a little hesitant about making a prefilter. Anyone have any suggestions?
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You can use the 303 but if you don't keep the filter clean you will end up with a nitrate trap.You may decide just run carbon,and the ocassional bag media(to many available) for removing phosphates in the filter.If you can fit it in some how HOB(hang on the back) would be you best option.A protein is a must have in my opinion for a reef so I would add one to you setup.I would not use the air stone for two reasons you will end with salt creep on your glass.Also micro bubles are not very good for coral ,and they look bad in my opinion.So for water flow add couple of well placed power heads.enjoy your new hobby
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I agree with the suggestons above;

1- no air stone. your salt creep will be very messy and hard to keep clean.
2- a protien skimmer is recommended.
3- at least one pump to help move more water is recommended.

Good luck and welcome to the forum I hope you visits are fun and educational. keep us posted on your progress.

Sounds like I should go to the drawing board and build a wet/dry +protein skimmer that fits under the tank. I'll keep you update..time to hit Homedepot, lowes, kmart for parts....