Small update and more questions.


Reefing newb
So my tank and stand are being paid on. Should be paid off and picked up around the middle of April. Decided to put it on layaway instead of droping that much cash all at once. Its a 75gal tank with a really nice cherry wood stand. The freaking stand was almost twice as much as the tank. Anyways once the tank and stand are paid for and brought home I start saving up for everything else. What brands and models do you guys perfer. I don't want to go cheap, but at the same time it doesn't have to be the Air Jordans of equipment. Any brand names and models you guys can throw at me would be helpful so I can start looking around for the best deal. I'd like to by my stuff from my LFS that way if I have any problems later on he can help me out, but if I see a deal I can't pass up then I might take it. Let me know if theres anything I need that I don't have on the list, or anything I don't need thats on it. So let me know what you think, sorry its so long but I don't have anything right now.

Tank and stand- Bought
Lighting- Picked out already
Protein Skimmer-
UV Sterilizer-
Light Timer- I think the light I picked out comes with one
Return Pump-
Power Heads-
these are the models that I use on all my tanks, this is just my opinion:

skimmer: ASM or Euro reef
sump: you can build them out of a plain tank a lot cheaper
return pump: quiet one
ozone: red sea
power heads: tunze (these babies are expensive but I love them)
hydrometer: I would use a refractometer much much more accurate and pays off in the long run.
hope this helps!!!

he gave u some good info.

id also make my own sump/refugium out of say a 20 long and section it off yourself. would save you easily over $100.

If you must start with a swing arm hydrometer get the deep six model. but get a refractometer at some point

as for powerheads, first figure what your keeping. Tunzes in a 75 is overkill and probably way out of budget. Id look into some seios, they really move alot of water for the price. I have 2 m620 in my 55 pointing to the middle. Im getting 2 smaller MJ 600 or smaller to point behind my rocks.
Good advice in the above replys.
ASM or Euro reef are excellent skimmer but cost some big $$$ (200 to 600)
I have a coralife super skimmer and for the price it has been an outstanding skimmer.Its colects a cup of darkskinmate at least twice a week.They have simular design as the the above skimmers.The 125 or the 220 would be my choice $138 or $168 at marinedepot.You find a bargain on a used euro reef though
sump/refugium: I agree with the above build it your self. I have seen good kits on ebay for resonable $$.
Return pumps and power heads: My choice would be rio or mag brand good quality and price.
Thermometer:Go digital (coralife is a good one)
hydrometer: I agree with the above.
UV Sterilizer and Ionizer:I have not much had much experiance here.
be very careful with the ozone, until you are familiar with it. and how to use it properly. i would start very low in the dosing, residue ozone needs to be blown off through carbon and the out flow of ozone saturated water needs to go through carbon to take out any residue. used properly ozone can be a very good sterilizer and oxygen boster, but, used imporper can be very hard on the system and a health hazard to you. anytime you are using ozone and you notice a sweet smell, or the smell after a lighting and rain storm, you are dosing too much ozone and should back off. you will get instructions with the unit so read it carfully and do not exceed the manufacturers recommendations. i would start at 1/4 and work from there. good luck