Skimmer suggestions/recommendations?


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There are so many options and I really don't know where to start. I liked the EM300 but can't find it in stock anywhere. The SWC200 extreme looked great at first, but then I started reading reviews about the noise factor. There are the SROs too...

I have a 150g tank with a 30g sump. I plan to have a heavy bioload and wanted to keep SPS, but my sump only has an 11x12 skimmer area and I really only wanted to spend a max of 4-500$. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
I love ASM skimmers. I have a mini-g on my 90 and I need to empty the cup every other day and man does it stink lol. I need to upgrade to a larger one it's a little underrated. I think the mini-g is rated for 80g and I have 110g total.

ASM Protein Skimmers
It really would depend on your budget.
I good "value" in a higher end skimmer is the Vertex Apha line with Red Dragon pumps. I say a good value because it's made by the people who make Bubble King skimmers, Royal Exclusiv. I'd rather pick up a used one of these than a new lesser skimmer. And I did. :D
Although mine is actually too big for my tank. I got the 250 because of the deal i found, but the 200 would be a much better fit for my tank.
I'm looking real seriously at the RLSS R8-i right now. It has really good reviews from everyone that's owned one.
There are online calculators to figure out the actual water volume of your system

e.g. Aquarium System Volume Calculator

I would buy the biggest rated skimmer you can afford.

I'm not really sold on the DC pumps with the variable speeds as far as value goes. I think the variable speed feature seems like more of a gimmick (pricey one).

I would suggest something from Reef Octopus
or the new Vertex Omega with the PSK 1000 pump
If budget is an issue the Bubble Magus curve 9 is getting great reviews.
The Vertex Alpha is a great skimmer but quite pricey.

Get one with the pump inside the skimmer body - it saves tons of space and is every bit as efficient.