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going to turn the 45 back into a seahorse tank..
had a question, want to throw some corals in, any reccomendations? zoas shrooms or something else you may think would work. going to have the flow around 10 to 15 times split between two powerheads one top one bottom.. I know 15 times will be pushing it, but should be ok. lighing is around 3 per gallon so should be ok.
(I'm new to the forum) sounds like you've done this before....may I ask who/where you purchased sea horses?

my seahorse tank will be about ready in a couple of weeks, and I plan on using Local store for my stock, but always looking for better sources....

thanks in advance!
Please please please do not buy your seahorses from your local LFS unless they can assure they are captive breed, and tanked raised is NOT the same thing. Wild caught horses are very difficult to get eating, and are usually full of parasites.

I highly recommend theses guys. Especially the second link. The horses already come trained to eat frozen mysid, are captive breed and are on the whole, much healthier.
Seahorse Source, the ultimate place for captive bred seahorses. - Seahorse, Sea Life, Marine Life, Aquafarm Sales, Feeds and Accessories - Home

The added benefit of getting your horses from them, is if you have an issue they will help you out in resolving it.

You should also take a few minutes to read this:
I've been studying seahorses for about 4 months, and think I have the tank has been standing for about four months, and looks like it's ready (used substrate and live rock from my established 55, and the levels have been good for weeks now) -

I believe y'all on the 100% captive thing, and my lfs (DNA dallas if I can say that) is pretty reliable on most of thier info - the {captive bred and raised} seahorses they've had in the past have all eaten frozen well, and I have a good relationship with the managment. (he said with some trepidation)

BTW, I'm fixin to fire up a chiller that I built from peltier junctions - looks very promising for dropping a whopping 3 degrees.....! if you want I can post picts later.

thanks for the welcome and concern!
Good! Im glad you are doing your research. Did you take Pete G. seahorse lessons? They are free and IMO the best thing you can do if you want to have seahorses.
no I have not taken the course, but plan to in two weeks (taking the fam to cancun next week - for tank stock research...large grin) and still have my chiller to get operational...

thanks for the help and info. though, and I'll probably post more later !
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quick post - DIY chiller ran this weekend 1st time (in a styrofoam cooler)

one gallon of fresh water was cooled 10 degrees C in 2 hours - using about 40 W (12V a 3.5A)

I'm thinking it can come close to maintaining a 2 degree difference in my 60 gallon, but may have to augment (up the power) to initially get there....

and thanks to Patzig for LEDs for birthday !!! replacing my CFL's means a little less heat to deal with!!!
First two

got my -guarenteed ORA- sea horses last friday, and we're doing okay - so far. they are eating frozen mini mysis, and playing in the sump return current - is there enoug interest that I should start a thread (?)
Re: First two

got my -guarenteed ORA- sea horses last friday, and we're doing okay - so far. they are eating frozen mini mysis, and playing in the sump return current - is there enoug interest that I should start a thread (?)
Everyone loves pictures and being able to follow along with your tank, start one!
these 2 gals are awesome! I learned they are ORA stock, and my LFS folks are really better than I thought....

but back to the seahorses - they follow the turkey baster like they're possessed ! usually flying by the mysis in their enthusiasm !!!! I am amazed at how fast they can go (for short distances) and how they stretch out horizontally 'running' towards the baster. anyway, thanks for getting me here, and I'll try to get some interesting pics and data for a new thread.
I disagree on not feeding brine. I feed Spirulina Brine shrimp almost exclusively and my horses are healthy and happy. I just drop a cube in 2-3 times a day.