Flow ?


Northern Reefer
So I have a 180G with mostly all LPS...zoas, chalice, acans, welso's, Hammers and one birdsnest frag

everything has good polyp extension but not sure if I have enough flow. I am running 2 MP10's on the back wall (both on RC that ramp to 70%), a Tunze 6045 aimed from left to right at 700GPH (mostly towards the surface) and my return lines pushing 450GPH each and they are aimed from right to left at the surface.

Everything is tumbling nice and not getting blasted but there is just a nice calm current in the tank...not enough to really suspend all detritus.

all in all it's about 16X turn over an hour...I have tried going 100% on my tunze which would put me at 20+ turnover an hour but there is always something getting completely blasted no matter where I aim it

should I just leave it how it is?
Since you are dealing mostly with LPS and you are getting nice PE I would leave it alone. Just make sure you don't have any collection areas that may cause algae blooms or improper parameters. Sometimes we get hung up on numbers so just keep an eye on your tank and let it be the judge.
thanks salt_for_brains...there are some low flow areas but I don't see any spots with piles of detritus

I only have 1ppm or nitrates
I added a Koralia 1050 and bumped my Tunze up another 200GPH...I am running about 4000 GPH now and nothing is getting completely blasted 24/7

a few zoas get a good rush every now and then but not ripping flesh or anything