Serpent Star Behaviour


Reefing newb
Couple of quick questions, hopefully to set my mind at ease.

I have a few Brittle Stars (red) and a Serpent Star. They have been in the tank for about 5 months now doing their thing. This week though, the Serpent Star has changed its behaviour. Rather than hiding in the rocks all day, it has taken to not hiding during the day and just parking itself out in the open.

The Brittle Stars are doing what they have always done, staying wedged in the one place sticking arms out when there is food neat by.

I'm not sure how active the Serpent is at night (I should stay up to watch it) but each morning it is in a different place.

Is this behaviour anything I should be worried about? Just hoping its not an indication that things aren't good.

Water tested on the weekend;
Salinity 1.026
Ammonia: 0
Ph: 8.2
Nitrate: 0
Nitrite: 0

Phosphate: 0
Carbonate Hardness: 90
Calcium: 450

Here is a picture of where it decided to rest this morning.
Definitely looks healthy, its just the change in behaviour this week that has be questioning things. Its gone from rarely seen, other than a walk once the lights go out, to being visible all day (albeit seemingly asleep).

I do love the patterns on it. Actually looks similar to our snake which is pretty cool.
Stayed up tonight after lights out to watch what happens and it is zooming around the tank.

Guess it just likes sleeping with the lights on. Fine by me as I love looking at it, just thought it was weird behaviour.