brittle star dead

Yeah I have been wanting to get a better test kit. I bought some of those 5 in 1 test strips to start off with, but I'm sure they are not that accurate.that was going to be one of my investments this check anyway :)
I totally agree with this, but if you dont even have a test kit yet, i would go with the test kit. You need a tds meter too at 90 bucks plus a 120 dollar rodi unit. Still if your worried about a dead star fish and dont know what your parameters are, my first investment would not be a rodi system. We are talking about a ten gallon tank, seems like a large investment for something small, and in smaller tanks usually are stocked with very hard fish. Yep, id do a test kit

I agree. Test kit before RO/DI unit for sure. However, my RO/DI unit came with a built in TDS meter.
I went with the "Go Big or Go Home" mentality...

and bought [ame=]this![/ame]