Selling everything-no time anymore

I'm keeping the seahorse tank and my shrimp. Speaking of shrimp, if anyone accidently got a blood red shrimp in their live rock, please let me know. I'm really fond of him and I can't find him.

The tank itself is going to be listed on a couple of sites, if I dont get cash in hand by next Friday for it.

Thanks to everyone for giving good homes to the corals and fish.
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ya thanks angela...the maroon is doing very well and is keeping the evil 6 line in check...its funny you can actually see the 6 line cower when he swims by
You and those fibs about the sixline.

Let me know if you ever catch it I would like to rehabilitate him into a peaceful environment.
the corals are doing good that I got also angela, I did a dip for the flatworms and meticulously went through the rock and couldnt find the shrimp anywhere. hope he turns up somewhere
You're welcome. I'm glad everyone's happy.

I found the shrimp when I fed the tank last night. As usual he begged for more. He's got such personality for a shrimp.

The anemone is moving around the tank since his buddy the clownfish is gone. Please feel free to come get him when you're over this way.
Will you be available anytime tomorrow? I can come anytime basically. Oh will the snails be ready to pick up yet? Thanks.
Angela just thought you'd like to know the mandarin is fat and happy in his new home.


Thanks again