Selling everything-no time anymore


Reefing newb
Due to my mother's illness, 3 teenagers, and working full time, I have come to the realization that I have no time to myself for a hobby. I will be supporting the club and will stay a part of the club until after the Frag Swap in August.

I will be selling out (cheap) all of my corals, fish and equipment. Everything works great and corals and fish are thriving.

Since Brandon is hosting the next meeting, my house is 5 minutes from his, anyone who wants some of my stuff could swing by.

PM me if interested and I'll send you my contact number.


Mandarin Dragonet Green - fat and happy, eats mysis shrimp
Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish - medium
BiColor Blenny dark blue and orange
Seahorses - 2 Black, needs to be fed mysis shrimp 2 times a day and needs weekly water changes. Please only take these if you're willing to put in the time required.

Corals--wide range of corals. Alot of these could be fragged and resold at the Frag Swap.

Lots of live rock -- 100 pounds with coraline and Xenia growing in it
I also kept adding pods so the rocks are teaming with pods for a mandarin fish to live on.

non-live rock -- 40 pounds

55 gallon thick glass tank (unknown brand)
ProClear filtration with skimmer
VHO 4 bulb light system (homemade) with 2 actinic and 2 superwhite
2 PFO ballasts
30 gallon tank with stand (setup for seahorses)


This is truely sad news, especially seeing how you were one of the people who helped start the club.

We all appreciate you helping us with the frag swap and give your mother our best wishes.

Its always sad to see someone leaving the hobby. Please keep in touch and when things slow down for you Well all chip in and get you started again! It wont be the same without all the zenia and cap frags at the meetings! I hope the best for you, and pray you will have the strength to continue helping your family.
Wow this stinks Angela, but I totally understand. Like Brian said we will all chip in to get you going back again, when your ready. Family is def most important. My prayers are with you.
Thank you for your nice comments.

The monticaps and nepthia tree are spoken for.

I've got the following:

Small bubble coral, glows blue in actinic TAKEN
Trumpet coral, bright green
Kenya tree, one red and one brown, both medium and dropping frags
Monti digi, brown with purple tips, large colony
Mushroom, red several
Mushroom, purple
Torch coral, brown with white tips, small
Leather, yellow spaghetti
Leather, long polyp golden
Blastomussa merleti, green small colony TAKEN

Rose bubble tip anemone two (david asked for 1)

$10 for each large colony, $5 for small
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Ok, I'll take a Large Rose Aemone. Let me know how much. Thanks and again sorry you have to quit. Also I'll take the bubble.
Hey Angela, this is Bill, The Newbe I just joined at the last meeting, and was wandering about what you wanted for the following items you have?

BiColor Blenny
Gold Stripe Maroon Clownfish

I'm interested in these Please let me know how much and if you still have them.
Sorry to hear you having to do this, hope things will work out and we'll see you back.

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hey angela, your pm box is full, Ill take the caps and nepthia tree, pm me a total So ill know how much to bring.
You're out of PM space Rev, so I'm posting here.

The seahorses are in a 30 gallon tank (with stand) with 2 seahorses, snails, grass and rocks. I have a hang on filter and the skimmer.

They just need clean water and mysis shrimp 2 times a day. I keep saltwater mixed up in a 5 gallon bucket, and swap out 2 gallons each week.

I'll take $75 for the whole setup (I paid $45 each just for the seahorses, so I feel this is a good deal).

Let me know.

I see a message that all fish are spoken for, are you counting the one's that I'd like to have or has someone else already spoke for them, let me know ok

bill :bounce: :^:
Sorry I didn't see your message Rev, but I wasn't home all weekend. Had mom stuff to deal with.

I'm home every weekday though. I'll PM you my number.

This offer is only for local pickup.