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ok so it has been three weeks of soaking and curing my man made rock...I got a gift card for a LFS and have enough to buy a good size live rock to start seeding. Need some opinions as to whether it has been long enough to start the seeding process? According to Ed this is long enough
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I think you should be good to go. :dunno: I have never made my own rock though. Project5k and wontonflip both have. You could shoot them a PM.
+1 David
Shoot Project or Wonton a PM.They'll be more than happy to help you on that.
Yeah I pm'd him back....I think some have made the garf rock and then after 4-6 weeks, plopped them in the tank. I think it was project, not sure. Dunno if he tested ph, but he's had no problems. I, on the other hand, am still waiting LOL My rocks are still curing. Water's PH starts off in the low 7's, and after 24 hours, it's up to the high 8's. From brown to bright purple. So, I'm staying on the side of caution and toughing it out!! But I can't wait to put these suckers in!!! They turned out NICE :)
Yeah I should take a pic of them :) But I'll just keep you hangin' ;)