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Another question, My new tank has just been set-up with new sand and old dead rock, I want to Re seed it, should I complete the cycling process before I re-seed or after or is cycling required?. I've been at this so long I forgot. please enlighten me. Thanks Jim
up to you, I just threw some LR in last weekend and my tank had been up a week...everything is looking good like feather dusters, rock clams, coral, sponges

have you been adding ammonia or testing?
No I just got it circulating as of half hour ago, The rock that's in there shouldn't have any die off so I may half to get the cycle going or should I just put some live rock in it and wait and test.
when starting a tank, I LOVE using some Grunge from GARF. sells a bag of "stuff", it's basically crushed coral that's FULL of micro stars, sponge seed, copipods, etc. You just dump it in and mix with your sand, and WHAM.. a week later you have critters everywhere. Keeps the tank very stable. I use liverock and deep sand bed filtration without any wet-dry, etc. Just a protein skimmer. GARF is awesome.
Thanks, I'll look into that, I should enquire at our local Reef store and see if they sell a product like that.
forget your LFS on this one... no one does what does. Nice folks with great prices on coral and the Grunge. Their grunge is what makde my tank what it is today...
you could also go with Tampa Bay Saltwater...that's where I got my rock and it's covered in life
I've got a local supplier that I deal with. It's only half hour drive away. I should go see him this weekend. You can't beat 3 bucks a pound and you get to choose what you want.
Ya that's what i'll do. I must admit that the tank looks so good, Hopefully its my last set-up. I'm just coming down from a 150 gallon mistake. A tank that big requires mega bucks and a wife that's a lot more patient than mine LOL
That's what I thought too. But when you figure out all the stuff that goes along with it, well it's expensive.The tank was cheap but then it all got too much. I ended up selling it all very cheap just to get it out of my sight. My current tank is very nice and very different from the 150. I'll post a pic of it.


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Nope, that tank is 5ft long. 60x24x24. The tank was Eurobrased and Starphire it was sweet but I like the Rimless look. What size is your tank?
Here's a few more pics


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You might be surprised as to how much of a cycle you get with dead rock, the is typically enough detritus and organic material to decay to get a cycle. A fee pounds of live rock will seed with the required bacteria and cool critters to get you going just go extra slow with stocking the tank.
Have you ever heard of Tims Nutrifying Bacteria? I used it on my 150 and it didn't cycle at all. I waited 2 weeks before I interduced an Orange Shoulder Tang and every thing was fine. Is was kind of weird though not seeing any Amm or Nitrate but it worked.
I've got everything working and my skimmer is pulling out some crap, so somethings up.
Oh I plan on going slow, I've got plans for the tank and it won't be over crowded, I will be putting in a Yellow Tang then wait a month and then The Coral Beauty, then another month and finally a Flame Angel. That's the plan, NO Clowns, NO Anenomes, NO Chromis