Couple of new reef questions ...


Reefing newb
Alright so I am finally close to getting this beauty set up. My equipment set up is:

60 gallon deep blue rimless
2 bags of Fiji pink live sand
Column stand with sump in lower portion
1 MP10w and eventually maybe another?
2 Eheim 150 watt heater
Reef Octopus protein skimmer (space saver in sump 110)
Gen 3 echotech light with custom made acrylic mount. It is actually a brace above the tank and has a 3 sided blinder. I did this because being a taller tank and people looking up the light can be distracting. Note: making the brace for air correct air flow and enough space for usb plug in. I will eventually get pictures up.

My plan for the cycle. I have been reading and watching countless hours of "everything saltwater" for the past 2 months trying to gather as much for my own process. My plan is to use base rock and cured rock from my lfs. The cured rock that the lfs has is died purple and has been in the saltwater for weeks. I would like to keep live rock out of my tank because of what I have read and simply what can come on it. Although I will be using live sand and my lfs has offered some free reef water to enhance (if you will) my tank. I do make my own ro/di water and mix the salt.

I have faith in the fish store and they are honest. If a fish is sick they quarantine and tell you. Any live rock that they think is questionable they don"t sell. I was such a skeptic at the beginning of this process he wrote down a few custom tanks he made and maintains in restaurants, hotels and stores. I found myself back at the store with a dream haha.

Ideas and tweaks will be dully noted and I appreciate any suggestions. I also did read about the table shrimp idea, which I may have to do if I don't have anything else to kick off the cycle.
Sounds like you've read some good advice. Used water won't do much to help, though. Almost all of the bacteria is in the rock and sand. Don't buy live sand, either because you don't know how long its been bagged and sitting on a shelf. I used the Fiji pink stuff, though and it looks great (when its clean, that is). Get her set up and running and good luck!