Seahorses H. erectus


Reefing newb
I have changed out my 55g tank. It no longer houses coral-moved to the 120g.
I have converted it to a seahorse tank. I bought H erectus. I am working on training them to use a feed trough and hitching posts at feeding. They were tank raised so they are able to eat frozen Mysis shrimp but not sure what else to feed them. I am hoping to have little ones at some point-we will see as that is a long way off.
These are about three inches in size.
I have added tons of artificial flowers for them to use to hitch.
Ok, here's what I know about seahorses and it's all that there book lernin. I don't have much experience with them real world so caveat emptor. The only ones I ever had were 2 pairs of dwarfs that I bought out of the back of Tropical Fish hobbyist circa 1975 or there abouts. They need live foods until they're weaned onto frozen. I see a lot of videos on Youtube about them in refugiums. What I would do personally is get an LED light for freshwater and try to grow some eel grass for them to hitch on, kinda like a lagoon aquarium.

The ones I had hung on for a little over a year, but not having a better food than live brine that I fed greenwater to just wasn't enough for the little horsies. :( You might wanna order some pods from somewhere and a greenwater culture for them. They like to hunt so I don't see an issue with dumping them in a tank with the seahorses, just make sure the pods have a few places to hide and reproduce.
Thank you, I ordered pods and put them in just before the horses got here. Where do I order the eel grass? I am guessing this is saltwater grass?