Saturday is the day for my ROCKS!!!YAYAYAY


Do Not Listen To Me!!!
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Ok so Saturday I am driving to pick up my First part of my Rocks for "The Package" from Tampa Bay Saltwater.

Pick up is at 10:00AM and they are about 40 minutes or less from my house.

I am not sure what to do to be prepared but I was going to drain about half the water in my tank.

I have an 80gallon Bowfront

Round one is 81 pounds of dry rock and 40 pounds of live with the 80 pounds of sand.

Round 2 is 40 pounds of live and all my critters which include 40 BH, 30 Snails, 2 CUKE, 3 Serpent Stars and 2 Peppermint shrimp and maybe something else.

So I was gonna drain my tanks and store the water in my BRUTE. I got a pump and heater ready to go and I figure I don't need to use the airator because it should only be in there for maybe an hour.

I am really nervous mostly because I have no idea how I will set up the rocks and all.

I am pretty siked about the dry rock from here. He sent me pix and it was all the coral rock looking pieces which is awesome and then the live is well known by many people so I think the combo will be sweet. I like that they are 2 different types of rocks from what I can see.

I remember my gravity was like 1.022 on the refractometer.

I made my saltwater from the Instant Ocean Reef Crystals and mixed it as directed but I had a few spills and added water back in. Yes I know the salt stays but I have lost some in a few leaks.

I seem to need like a gallon every 2 days.

I know TBSW recommends a specific gravity for their cycle process and this is from the site - 1.022-1.025 at 75 degrees. I can just do it at 77 degrees. I have it set for 78 for like 2 months but will lower it tonight.

I am just looking for advice/tips and also what is a good kind of glove to buy for this.

Thanks for the support.
I ordered a pair of full arm gloves from Amazon, I think they were around $12 but definitely worth it! It's great being able to easily go in the tank without getting wet and also without any fear of putting toxins in the tank. Also helps with random cuts from sharp rock/creatures.

Definitely get these or similar.
Aquarium Maintenance & Cleaning: Heavy Duty Aqua Gloves

Richard will also give you a little packet of bio-starter to toss in your tank. Don't miss that. Just get all the sand and rocks in there and worry about arranging stuff later after the cloud settles.

I just called the LFS and they have these exact Orange and Blues for $19.99 SWEET!!!!

I thank you.
You can also get those gloves at Harbor Freight! They are super cheap there (I think I paid $5).
Need them for Saturday morning so I don't have time. Actually there is one right by me.

Didn't see the gloves on their site but I was thinking of checking out the water pumps.
Well just went and got the pair for $20. Oh well I like to save but gotta have em.
Haha I just five minutes ago left Richards house. The dry rock is frigin sweet and man the two bags were heavy x 100000 and I got may sand and everything.

I am gonna take pix and lay it all out and snap pix of it all and the unpacking and so on. He was really cool and we were freezing in the Florida breeze.

He was saying the other day he was diving with only 1-2 foot of visibility and there was a ten foot jewfish he stretched out and it was longer than him with his fins.

Ok well driving past Tampa Stadium on the way home.