San Crab help


Seahorse Owner
I got some sand crabs, you know, the crabs that you can find burowing in the sand at the beach in california Here is a photo to what I am talking about, I was wanting to know how to care for these guys meaning tank size tempeture etc
In my personal opinion, they would not do well in a reef environment and would die pretty quick. Temperature would be a problem, and the fact that they are burrowing filter feeders, whom dont spend all their time underwater, but mostly on the shore, would come into conflict in having them just in your sand bed on a reef. But hey. just my opinion.
Here in South Alabama we call those sand fleas. They actually spend most of their lives underwater buried in the sand where the waves crash the shore line. They feed on plankton and organic debris. I have never seen or talked to anyone that has attempted to keep these in a home aquarium. Good luck if you attempt it.
I saw them in the aquarium in my airea so I thought I could try so I brought some home and am attempting to keep them

also I found a oyster or sompthing like that but I know it has a foot and mooves around and if you guys need a photo I can get one as soon as possable