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So after yet another flood last night, I had to remove my sump. Im sad about this, but it had to be done. I went ahead and got this canister filter it’s a Rena Filstar xP4. Sort of overkill for my 50g, but what the hell.

Set up was easy and the system is very clean and silent. It looks like a good system, I should be able to trust it more then my sump.


I don’t know a lot about these types of filters though. This one has four baskets where I can run all sorts of different things listed on the second pic. Right now all I have is some basic sponge, bio-stars, and bio-chen zorb. I also filled one basket with live rock rubble from my sump.


I think I am going to get some Nitra-Zorb and some zeolite ammonia remover, for another basket. Anyone have any other suggestions? I have lots of room to run other things.

Last note: I want to get a cheep hang on back skimmer to go with this as well, anyone have any suggestions?
Personally, i wouldnt run the canister, but since you have it make sure you are cleaning out the media once a week. I would run either the nitrate or phosphate stuff.

A really good HOB skimmer is the reef octopus skimmer
just moved to newfoundland and stumbled on this thread... Awesome tank.. Hey Troy if your still around drop me a message and we'll get together....
Hey guys, I’ve been luring a lot lately and not posting much so here is an update and pics on the major development with my tank.
· My new canister filter is working very good. It has 4 baskets, in the first one I’m using Bio-zorb and Nitra-zorb, in the second I have ammonia-zorb and bio balls, and the last two are full of liverock rubble.

· My Zoas in the center of the tank are dying, I think they were starved for light because a huge bush was growing on the rock above them and draped them in shadows.

· I have 2 huge bristle-worms in the tank they are 6-7” at least. When I was removing the above mentioned bush, I grabbed one of them and ended up with about 30 spikes in the tip of my finger. It didn’t hurt a lot but it wasn’t fun either.

· I hate Pulsing Xenias, or whatever those pink flowers are. The hitchhiked in and are fringing everywhere, every time I do a water change I cut them off, but they comeback even stronger. Is there any way I can get rid of them?

· I finely got around to changing my lights in my T5 fixture, now I have three 15k whites (use to run 10k) two blue antics and one purple antic.

· I just recently pick up a used HOB Skimmer and set it up.

· Lost another fire-fish, some snails and a hermit crab has died.

· I got a flame angel a long time ago and he is doing awesome he like to swing with my 6-line.

· I had a huge outbreak of some sort of vine leave plant, but is starting to die off (pics somewhere).

· I just put in a frag rack and I’m hoping to make some frags to give to a friend and for some store credit.

· Lost both Korella power heads and got a new one, but it’s not that great.

· Also during the flood that made me get rid of my sump it also ruined the System Lab, for my Reef Keeper Lite which controls my probs. I have a new one on the way along with some moonlights and a new Korella powerhead.

That’s about it, everything else is great my levels stay normal my fish are health and happy and most of my coral are growing! Pics!!

Dyeing Zoas and red mushrooms taking over






Frag Rack


New Small Zoas



I can’t remember what this coral is called, does anyone know?

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Wow. Lots of pictures

Looks good, if you clean your powerheads in a vinegar and water soak they will last much longer. And I think the coral in question is a horn coral
Thanks for ID-ing that coral. I use to do that with my powerheads but it didn’t work. I think what happen is that when I first set up my Reef Keeper Light, I had them on pulsating and after a month or so they began to cut in in reverse so I think I damaged them back then. However, there were the Korela Evolutions and I thought they could be used that way. Oh well, lesson learned.
So it been a while since i posted and a lot has happened. I am moving out of my place to a new town about 1600 KM and a boat ride away. So I have to move my fish, corals and rock that far. Its a two day drive at best.
So far I have taken my tank out of the wall and placed half of my rock and fish into a temporary tank during the move. This was a slow process which took about a month. I also set up another tank in my new place but had to down size to a 35-40g tank. I moved half of my rocks down there by placing them into a 5g bucket with saltwater from my tank and i also put a power head in the bucket. I had the power head running almost constantly for then entire drive. Along with the new tank I also had to get a new powerhead, stand and a reef octopus HOB skimmer. This tank has been set up for 3 weeks now and all levels are good.
I am about to send my Clowns down on a direct flight in cargo so they should be out of this tank and into the new one in about 6 hours and now im starting to get worried about the rest of the move especially the fish., but i have to have everything down finished by the 28th Any ideas?
Thanks for bumping this topic. Watching your in-wall build was truly fun!

It was pretty disappointing when it sort of went backwards really fast there losing the sump to a canister filter and then moving, but I enjoyed it none the less and your tank is beautiful!

Are you going to be doing anything interesting with the tank in the new place?
Well here are some of my fish and snails about to take a flight to their new home, hopefully they make it alright.


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So everything made the move and is doing well for the last month.
I had some problems with the water quality and levels spiking after the move but by doing water changes every day for a week I got it under control. I only lost a few snails.
My reef octopus skimmer is working awesome to!
Anyway here are some pics: