Salinity too high??


Reefing newb
Hi all my question is my salinity for my tank is up at 2.5 is that too high?
I just bought a new hydrometer my old one broke and was way off with it's measure.
That isnt a reading of any measurement of salinity that I know of.

Also you should be replacing the hydrometer every 6 months because they tend to go back. You should get a refractometer which will never go bad and is waaay more accurate. You can find them for around $20 on ebay and the calibration solution is around $3.
How much salt would you put in a 20g tank? in tablespoons? grams?

Depends on the brand of salt, they all have different amounts required to mix at a specific salinity. The directions on the packaging should get you close, but I have found it almost always takes a little more then they recommend to get the salinity you're after. You really need at least a hydrometer or even better a refractometer for measuring salinity. When I replaced my hydrometer with a refractometer I discovered that it was off quite a bit
You have to let the water and salt mix, preferably for 24 hours, before trying to get an accurate measurement. You should have a powerhead moving it all around.
well...i tested the hydrometer and put in a dense salt-water mix and the needle quickly went to the top. then i gradually replaced the salt water with normal water and the needle lowered correspondingly until it hit 1.025. I know what 1.025 water tastes like I could...
I would get yourself a refractometer, hydrometers are know for being wildely inaccurate and you have to replace them every 6 months anyways.

Look at this, same water, two different readings