RODI Filter Issue


Reefing newb
I just changed the filter on my RODI unit (though not the RO filter) and my output has dropped to just a few drops - literally.

Any idea what i did wrong? How to fix?
Try removing all the prefilter cartridges and run the water filter for a few seconds.
If it is still puts out very little water then there is a clog somewhere in the line. (Or you have a ball valve set to the wrong setting somewhere).

If it puts out the expected water volume without the prefilters, then you can try to isolate the issue.
Start installing the prefilters one by one and run the water again. Start with the sediment prefilter and work your way to the DI cartridge.
i got it. stupid me put the DI Resin cartridge in upside down. Not as bad as leaving wrapper on, but close!

Thanks for help.