Repairing cracked side panel


Reefing newb
I cracked the side panel on my 120 gallon tank. I'm just wondering if
I can just have a piece of glass cut to the inside dimensions and silicone
it to the existing glass ? The crack is at the bottom of the panel.
I've not heard of anyone on this forum fixing an issue like that themselves, but given that the crack is small I would have thought that it would be fixable.I would have thought that the best way to fix the 'patch' would be using clear silicone, but if I were you I'd want to silicone the whole area where the two pieces of glass meet. Could be tricky to do a neat job like that though, and you wouldn't want air bubbles.

If the crack is on the edge of the glass, then I wouldn't attempt this though as there is more of a chance that the crack could continue to split.
+1 Becky

It's not an easy repair, and even if you do get a good seal, I would be worried about the stability of the tank