Removal of tank bracing.


Reefing newb
I'm in the process of putting together my new tank, a 3x2x2 with 10mm thick glass.

The tank is braced as shown in the photo below. Other than the centre brace, I am not sure if the other bits of glass are bracing or just to hold a glass lid that I won't ever use.


The problem I have is that the mount for my new lights (Illumagic Blaze M90's) won't fit with the brace on the end of the tank.



The light manufacturer suggested removing this piece of glass, what are the thoughts of people on here? I would prefer to mount the lights using the stand off the tank rather than hanging from the ceiling, but I don't want to be doing anything to the tank that will impact on its structural integrity.
What is the tank manufacture? It looks like a lid support, if it's acrylic you could cut a slot in the center for the light mount to slide through.
+1 to the boys. Braces typically go around the outside of the tank with no "breaks" in the brace itself. That does look more like it's supposed to hold up a light.
Got advice that the best method of removal is with fishing line. Pretty confident now after more research that it is just a lid mount, so its coming off.