Reef Supplements


Reefing newb

I am currently cycling a new tank and was planning of doing a reef tank, while I was shopping around for basic supplies I looked through the section on Dr. Foster and Smith that was full of reef supplements. I know there are basic ones that I need but what I was wondering was what others do I need and should I buy the combination supplements or the individual ones? Also I use the Reef Crystal salt from Instant ocean.

The ones that I was looking at were Calcium, Iron, Manganese, Iodide, Strontium and Molybdenum, Coral-vite and Purple tech from Kent. I am kind of lost as to which if any I need, so I would greatly appreciate all the help I can get

Rule #1 on dosing is don't. Unless, that is, you're testing for that specific element or compound and have reason to believe that you need to dose to keep the proper ranges stable. If you are doing a reef, at some point you will need calcium, alkalinity and magnesium; and there's many ways to go about dosing those three. As far as iodine and strontium, you whouldnt ever have to dose those as water changes should keep the proper ranges. And regarding coral-vite, which I'm sure is a coral food? Some people prefer to use concentrated cork foods occasionally, but others, myself included, would rather spot feed because that coral food, more often than not, will just cause more issues with water quality than its worth. So if you do feed corals, I suggest mysis or a coral type pellet for LPS. And lastly, I've heard mixed reviews on purple-up. I've never used it and I wouldn't waste my money on it. Coralline algae will grow given time if you find something to seed it with. You can even buy a turbo snail covered in it and it will scrape off and eventually end up everywhere. If you're using white base rock, it will have to brown up before Coralline will grow on it and then it will start as lots of purple dots and before you know it, they will all be covered in it.
For now. :) As your reef matures, I'm sure you will have to do a 2 or even 3 part dosing, but its pretty simple, actually. But for now, enjoy those extra funds.
Second question, I was watch this on BRS TV and it was talking about enhancing coral colors
. Does this actually do anything? I am not thinking of getting it but was just curious.
Water changes will replenish most if not all everything corals will need. with the exception of heavy SPS corals.BRS is great and everything but they are a vendor that is trying to sell you on products that they sell.