feeding coral suppliments?


Reefing newb
I have been using a weekly feeding of 5 supplements for the corals for years. It seams I can no longer obtain 2 of them and the health of the creatures is declining very slowly.
Anyone know where I can get Strontium and Molybdenum? Or Zoo Plex? Both were in the past produced by Kent marine.
(the other supplements I am using are Phyto-plex, Coral Vite, Micro vert, and of course Calcium.)

The other reason for the decline is the lack of Actinic lighting....the Ballasts on my Coral life units are no longer replaceable.
I have lots of Halide light and have supplemented with some blue LEDS but I'm not happy with what is happening.
LEDS have not yet produced an acceptable alternative to the Actinics in my research. Anyone have better ideas?