Reef salt


Reefing newb
Does it really matter what kind if salt to use? I bought a big bag from my lfs but it's just a clear bag that says not for resale. So I have no idea what kind of salt it is. Should I go out and buy the instant ocean reef crystals instead?
That's probably Instant Ocean. I use to buy it from my LFS by the box back before they wised up and started selling it in individual bags like what you've described.

I have moved over to Reef Crystals but haven't run out of IO yet. There are some very interesting articles about the different available salts out there. Here's one from ReefCentral.

A General Guide to Salt Mixes - Reef Central Online Community

I should mention I have used different stuff before and did notice a change with the first water change, but thereafter it all was pretty much the same. Some seem to dissolve better than others too.
I used Kent Marine with good results, but just ran out and started using Reef Crystals on my new tank so no results yet, but I expect high quality. A couple people here use AquaVitro Salinity with amazing results (see Dennis' tank) but that's a little pricy for me.
I'm fairly certain the "trace" is because it's measured in parts per billion (ppb) instead of parts per millions (ppm).