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I recently purchased an established 175 gallon tank from a man here is town. The tank had always been maintained by a local aquarium company but the man had really lost interest and hadn't bought anything new in five years. I do have some really good fish that came with the tank…a purple tang (we call him John Gotti because he is the mafia boss), a juevenile angelfish (his name is Gambino because he is obviously Gotti's hitman), two clowns, one hawkfish, one mandarin goby, one candy cane stripped shrimp,one puffer, multiple mushrooms and polyps, snails, hermit crabs. I recently place a big order including new bulbs, new sand, one strawberry dotty back, one neon dotty back, one striped dottyback, a sally lightfoot crab, and harlequin brittle starfish, a rose anemone, frog coral, and harbor coral. We are thoroughly enjoying this tank and are wanting it to thrive and be a peaceful environment. The three dottybacks were delivered on Thursday. Since then Gambino (our angelfish) has continuously chased them, bit at them and won't let them get out of the rocks. The strawberry dottyback is breathing heavily and I'm afraid I'm going to loose her. I have read about putting up a glass partition for ten days to allow Gambino to settle down and see that the dotties aren't a threat to his food supply.Do you have any suggestions? I am a newby but have been reading Marine Aquarium Handbook Beginner to Breeder by Martin A. Moe, Jr. I look forward to getting information and suggestions from all you seasoned reefers. Before I forget, I have plenty of hiding places in old rocks, old corral, and tunnels where the dotty have been hiding.

That is one heck of a stock right out of the gate! Yes you have a big tank, just not all at 1 time. When a tank is move, everything needs to recycle. What are parameters? Did you save all 175g of saltwater to transport or did you start out making up your own? What do you have for filtration? Do you use rodi? How long has it been running? What is left for a cuc? Lots of questions?

Welcome aboard.
The hawkfish and the puffer could dwindle your clean up crew. The angel, depending on the species may nip at corals. Sounds like it is also quite aggressive! These three are "reef safe with caution" fish and I just wanted to make you aware of issues you might encounter.
What are your parameters doing? Everything staying nice and stable? Did the tank re- cycle when you moved it? We usually recommend using all new sand as to minimize issues with that.
As far as adding new creatures, you may be trying to go a little fast. Slow down, research, and make sure the tank is nice and stable for a few months. The anemone especially will not do well unless the tank is super stable. Sally light foot crabs have been known to turn into fish nippers. Retailers will not tell you these things!
Sounds like a really neat tank. Good luck with it and I cant wait to see pics!