Reef Octopus Classic Skimmer (recirculating)


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Hello All,

Was just wondering if someone out there could give a little advice. Recently bought a used classic recirculating skimmer (i think a 3000) and am having some issues with it - maybe .... first off it's in about 9" of water which makes the water return valve about 4 or 5" above water level ... the water depth seems good as its just higher than the internal ring in the skimmer? the way the plumbing looks though has got me a bit confused as I can find no pics of anything that matches it. there is the water intake fitting and a port into the skimmer that are teed together and then runs into the pump and out of the pump and into the skimmer - seems kinda normal to me but it will only fill with water to about 3" above water level in the sump. Then I presume the weight of the water in the sump causes pressure to feed back to the pump - should there not be some control as to how much water can leave the sump? or am I not in deep enough water? currently the discharge end is above water level about 4 or 5" and it wont seem t fill that much .... do I need deeper water? ... any advice from someone that has used these skimmers would be awesome!!


So ... a few updates ... it is a classic 200ext recirculating skimmer that I got ... and after more reading and research I am wondering do I NEED a feed pump ... I have it placed in the sump ... but the way mine is plumbed both the water feed nipple, and the recirculating port from the skimmer are plumbed together and then to the pump and back in the skimmer .. I don't know what to do with this thing except maybe sell it again!!!
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