Red Bubble and Hair Algae


Reefing newb
I have had one patch of hair algae for a while now. It doesn't spread very fast but I believe it is beginning to grow some more. Just a day or two ago though, I found red bubble algae on my powerheads along with a few green bubble on my rocks. I know I need to take the bubbles out. Should I just remove the powerheads and scrub them?
Should I leave the hair algae to remove some nutrients or should I pull it out?
I'm not even sure why I'm getting algae. Phosphate and Nitrates have always been zero and I run Phosban in a reactor just incase.
First Id find out why its growing, then id scrub the crap out of the powerheads and rock before it spreads. An emerald crab will eat the bubble algae, the hair algae will need a standard cleanup crew.

Id find out whats causing it.
What could be causing it? Tank is almost a 10 months old. Lighting is on for 10 hours although I am going to change my bulbs after Christmas because these are 10 months old. As I said Nitrates and Phosphate are both always zero. I run a Remora skimmer. I don't know what it could be.
I run it for about 2 weeks at a time. I don't always use it though. About every two months I run some. There isn't a really a need to use it since I've never had phosphates, but I had it so I figured I would use it.
I scrubbed the red bubble algae off, which surprisingly took some effort. I pulled some of the hair algae out as well. I retested the water and still I can't find any reason for the algae. I also have some dark brown-black spots in my sand and on my glass. I have no idea what to do...