Re-doing a tank questions


Broke Reefer!
Not sure where to put this, but I am thinking about re-doing all of the rock work in my 10g tank. I don't think the current set up allows for enough swimming room for my fish and really blocks flow in the tank. I think in order to re-arrange, I'm going to have to smash up the main rock, and I obviously can't do that in the aquarium! Right now everything is epoxied together, and I'm thinking I should just remove everything and start over. What is the best way to do this? My early plan is to remove as much as I can and put it in buckets of saltwater, then catch the fish and put them and the inverts in a separate bucket with water, the heater, and a powerhead, then vacuum out the rest of the sand, add in the black sand, smash the rock to hell, and then re-arrange everything. Sounds like a big project. Is there a better way?
Is it possible to temporarily relocate the fish to your 90? I know 12 is a lot for a 90, I have 10 which I feel is too much, but it should work for a short time. Maybe cut back on the lighting while they are in there.

Not sure about the rest. I think you are going to get a cycle, but I'm far from an expert.
Actually I only have 8 in my 90, but I'm afraid if I add the others to my 90 I will never get them back out LOL. Also, it really is only the firefish and blenny in the 10 (haven't seen the clown goby in a few days and he hasn't come out to eat during the last two feedings that I've seen), and I'm not willing to put the urchin back in the 90 (though could potentially throw it in my sump temporarily).

Yeah, I was wondering about a cycle, but if I keep the rocks mostly in aerated water and only pull the big one out to smash it then put it back in, do you still think it would cycle? I could add totally new water (acclimating everyone to the new water of course), and have been in the process of sucking out my sand to switch it for the black sand anyway. I dunno. But yeah, it might still cycle....
Your plan sounds fine...and I don't really think you'll have a cycle. If you put them in the 90 gal, you won't be able to catch them, and that'll be another issue. As long as you keep the rocks wet, and limit the big rock exposure of being out too long while breaking it up. Keep some of the old water, and fill the rest up with new. You don't want to add 100% new water. Good luck. :)
Thanks Smitty and Biff!

Before I undertake this project, do you guys think it's necessary? Here's a pic of the current rock work... there is some swimming room in front and in back of the structure now, but I'm thinking if I break the structure into two islands instead it will give the fish more room both to swim, and create caves for them to hide in. As it is now, they really don't have decent caves to sleep in either.

There isn't much adjustment I can do without breaking up the big rock - its the horizonatal one in the middle of the structure.
I dont really think either of the fish you have would benefit from more space, they both tend to hang on or near the rocks. I would leave it be unless you dont like how it looks