Pure excitement!


Reefing newb
Hello, my name is Ashley. My husband and I just started a 75 gallon fowlr water tank. Now, I wasn't too excited about it when he started to talk about it. We only started it about 1 week ago. I'm watching all this life come out of the live rock and learning so much about the science behind salt water tanks, and it's so amazing to me.

Today, my husband noticed two starfish, called brittle star. They had been in the live rock that we had bought. The live rock we got was cured about 20 years, and there is so much good bacteria and life in it. It's been a pure pleasure so far watching things take shape.

I'm excited to learn more and see more things change! The hard part though is having patience and waiting to add more things to the tank.
Welcome aboard! We all struggle with the patience thing. It is an amazing piece of science and art. I am continually fascinated by it and learn new things all of the time! Congrats on the brittlestars! Are they the tiny ones? What kind of fish are you guys wanting to keep?
They are the tiny brittle star fish. So far we have added 2 clown fish and a damsel. They have been in for about 5 days now and are doing good. We had to buy a new heater and since then they've really been coming out. I'll post a picture of the tank soon.
Hello and Welcome!

Did you make sure you cycled your tank before adding those fish? Also, the damsel isnt a great choice for your tank. They are extremely territorial and are well known for bullying other fish to death.

Remember, you should only be adding 1 fish every 3 weeks, you tank can hold about 6 fish total.
+1 little fish. Damsels and even clowns can sometimes make it difficult to add less aggressive fish in the future without getting bullied to death.
Our tank has cycled fully. We added 2 clowns and 1 damsel we put the clowns in prior to the damsel because of the territory issue. They are all getting along fine :). We just added more live rock today this stuff is amazing its coming from a tank thats 35 years old and the things coming out of it are awsome..