Problem: Got talked into a Sand Sifting Starfish.


Reefing newb
Alright, I've just begun to read up on a starfish that one of the LFS recommended to me: Sand Sifting Starfish. I took their word for it and brought it back and acclimated it, and it's been about 15 minutes of me looking around and everything I see is to avoid them cause they will decimate the live sand bed. My tank is finished cycling, it has been up almost two weeks now, so it's not mature. I had no idea when I bought it (they charged me $12). I don't necessarily need a refund, but would like an exchange... Are most LFS willing to do that? I mean, it sounds like a reasonable thing to ask especially since I will have only had it for a day.

Oh, I also bought 4 nassarius snails for my tank (20 gallon) and they are just chugging away; too cool.. although I must admit the starfish buried almost immediately when he first was laid on the sand bed so that was cool too, but with this being a brand new tank and me being new to the hobby I don't want to take a chance..

It really just depends on how the owner does business. Just tell them you feel you made a mistake in purchasing him and can you exchange it for something else. Should be reasonable, especially since it's still alive :)
Even though we don't give cash back in these type situations ( at the LFS I help at ), you should be able to get store credit. Which is what we do.
Thanks for the input guys. I hate confrontations such as those. I did take the starfish back and the LFS said no problem and I exchanged the starfish and couple more dollars for a percula clownfish. I will start a tank thread here shortly (probably tonight as I am going golfing soon) with pictures. He is acclimating to the tank right now and I will monitor him as time goes on seeing as how I'm still very new to this.
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