Presents for myself


So, I took my finals for language school on Monday, just found out the I passed and I get to move on now. So, in honor of my accomplishment, I decided to treat myself to a shopping spree at the LFS :^:. Well, after an hour there I left with a pair of clowns, ricordea frag, a rock of Alveopora, and three heads of hammer coral. They're drip acclimating now, so pics will be posted when they're in the tank.
Thanks guys, pics are uploading now, unfortunately the hammer and alveopora still haven't opened yet
Here's my clowns (the larger is a mocha ocellaris and the smaller is a regular ocellaris


I can't seem to get a really clear pic but, here's the hammer

The green ric is my new one

And here's the unopened alveopora (it's just starting to come out a little bit now, I'll have to update the pics later)
Thanks Yote, those will probably be my last additions for 3 months or so, I'll be gone ALOT. But, when I get back it'll be a good reason for some more corals!
As it happens, I was checking out the corals and I found a new hitchhiker! A little tiny decorator crab
Here's some pics with everything opened up. The alveopora still hasn't opened all the way, could this be because there's too much flow on it? I've read that it's a low flow coral/

Here's the ric and hammer opened. The ric ended up being a really good sized one for only $10

Here's a shot of all the corals on the sand bed, I'm thinking about making a ric garden and a zoa garden just need to figure out where I want them
Thanks for all the nice comments everyone. As much as I love this hobby, being able to share everything with people/friends on this site just makes the hobby that much more fun and enjoyable to me :D