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Hi All,
I recently (new years day) got a foxface and a sailfin. (both small) the sailfin, while still hiding, seems to be happy and is eating algae. The foxface is constantly hidden, sometimes has his stressed coloring on, but even when he is yellow has his dorsal fins out and seems to be breathing heavy. I've seen him eating some algae and both eat a little mysis we put in. Tank parameters are fine and these are the only two fish so bullying isn't a problem. Am I just being impatient and they're still acclimating?? how long should I wait before looking for another problem? I dripped them independently, even though they came out of a common water system, for about an hour so I don't think that's the problem. My test kit is the basic so I am limited to ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, ph. Just for the record:

Temp: 77-79 depending on time of day.
Salinity: 1.026
PH: 8.2
Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: maybe 5 right now which is the highest its been, water change day is today

Another question- I am trying to move everything over from my 55, how long should I wait before moving the six-line, yellow goby, and pair of clowns if these guys have only been in for about 5 days?

Thanks in advance!
Give them time. It took my Foxface a year before he stopped going into camouflage mode everytime I go near. Even now, 2 years later, he sometimes gets skittish if I rush up to the tank. But he does now eat algae sheets out of my hand.

So the sailfin (which I'm sure you know will need a much much bigger tank) and the foxface are in your newly cycled 90? If so, I'd wait a few weeks before moving your other fish to make sure your 90 can handle the new bioload.
Rabbit fish are kinda funny in that some are extremely shy while others are friendly and outgoing. Just give him time. Maybe he'll settle down.

Give it about a week and test the parameters. if they come out good, then move the others over.
I just purchased a new Foxface yesterday. After a couple hours of abuse from my yellow tang, he seems perfectly happy! While at the LFS I did notice of the 4 Foxfaces in stock, 3 of them seemed particularly skiddish. I actually dropped a very small piece of krill that my lionfish was uninterested in at the opening to the cave the Foxface chose. That got him out and swimming happily.
thanks guys, appreciate the input. And yes I am aware that the 90 won't be the sailfin's permanent home.
It's funny cuz my foxface (and other fish) can tell me apart from everyone else in the house. If they see me, they start hovering by where I normally feed them. If it's anyone else, they scatter.
The "smarter" fish at work can tell between those of us who feed them (there's five of us) and everyone else.
And having all been at a LFS they know... "the net". Get "the net" and you have an empty tank.. with little heads peaking out from caves and caverns. ...I don't know.. I just made that up... but it would make a good kid's movie.
well good news is they were both out this morning acting social. Still pretty skittish when someone gets within 5' of the tank but I threw a sheet in there hoping I can try and establish some sort of routine for them.