Powerhead replacement question


Reefing newb
Currently I have 3 maxijets on a natural wave timer in my 46 gallon. It seems like way too much stuff in the tank. I can use the maxijets for quarantine and making water so I want to replace them with a single powerhead. Tunzes are expensive and a little much for a tank my size. So I'm thinking of getting a seio, but I'm not sure what size to get between the 1100 gph and the 1500 gph. I have a 400 gph (after headloss) return in the top left corner and the seio will go in the top right. I want pleanty of flow but want to leave my sugar-sized sand on the bottom of the tank. I don't want to throw away the 60-70 bucks testing them so what would you guys recommend?
the 1100 with a duck bill on the end so you can rotate it to the direction you want either flat or vertical, or, just aim it at the center top. the higher the aim the less you will stir the bottom, unless the pump is just too large.
I have a duck bill on my return now, but the seio is a power head. Maybe I misunderstood? It can be mounted tunze style or with flow directional nozzle. It's nice in that it only uses 21 watts for 1100 gph. A poor man's tunze. Rumor has it they are coming out with a controller for them one of these days which would be nice.

Here's a link that shows the different mounting methods.

The 1100 sounds like the right choice though. 1500 just sounds like too much.
my mistake I was thinking of a different pump. anyway looks like it is worth a try. has all that you need and as long as you can adjust direction you should be ok. I do think though the 1100 would be adequate but here im not that familiar with this pumps perfromance or output volocities so you might want to research a bit more. if the 1500 was not too big based on output volocities, I would go with the largest possible that would not disturb the substait. hopefully the 1100 will be the right one.