Power heads?

Depends completely on how much you want to spend.. There are a lot of options in this hobby. Everything from Koralia's to the Tunze series. Also, what are you planning on keeping?
I'm also wondering what size of power heads I will need for a 45 corner tank, not sure of gph on my hob overflow, but for zoa colonies Ive read that they require more flow??
I'd like to get the type that the motor is external and links to the fan by magnet..
Id also prefer them to be compatible with future wave control, and maybe a reef keeper..
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Again, going to come down to price and plan. If you're looking at eventually keeping SPS, then you'll need to look into getting higher rated power heads. Decide what you'd like, then look at the pros and cons of each and make a plan.

OP, Basically, my rule of thumb is that you want 2 to 3 powerheads (or wave makers) and you want 40-50x your tank volume. Make sure that you evenly distribute the flow across the sand bed so you don't have any dead spots, and some surface flow to allow for the gas exchange. Are you going to be running a sump as well? Anymore details you can supply will help
Tifoez, I believe what you're looking for is the VorTech quiet drive pumps. 2 or 3 mp10's would probably give you sufficient flow as they are adjustable and quite effective if you Hooke them up together on a wave maker