Potter's Wrasse


Reefing newb
The Potter's Wrasse (Macropharyngodon geoffroyi) is a pretty cool looking fish, but on liveaquaria.com it says that it is expert only and requires to be fed five times a day. To me that seems a bit ridiculous, but you never now. In the wild most Anthias eat every 30 seconds, so it wouldn't be impossible. I was wondering what you guys thought. My LFS that had it said his wasn't t hard at all, but he is there all day. I was wondering what you guys thought, specifically people with other Leopard Wrasses.
Correction: I had a potters angel

I do have a black leopard wrasse, it is VERY hard getting then to eat in a captive setting. Mine hid in the sand for nine days after I brought it home
Northstar is correct, They are gorgeous fish, but after trying my luck with two different species of leopards, I would only get another one from an established system. IMO, It's just not fair to the fish to have one and watch it waste away and not be able to help it
One of my LFS has the regular leopard wrasses in their frag tank for about 2 months. These guys have trained mandarins to eat pellets so if anybody could get a potter's to eat it would be them.