Possible Mantis shrimp in live rock


Reefing newb
Hi guys,

I had a lot of ticking sounds from my tank in the last couple of weeks since adding the live rock, some here said it could be a mantis shrimp. Couldn't sight it.

I can't find any of the hitch hiker snails that the rocks came with and now very few amphipods left, is it a result of the tank cycling or were they eaten by the mantis?

The clicking has stopped in the last couple of days. I havn't been feeding the tank anything in these weeks, as I have no fish in there atm. How long can a typical (small) mantis live for with out food? Have I managed to starve it? Or would it have died during the cycling process?

Thanks in advance.

Unless the ammonia spiked exceptionally high,then I doubt the cycle got him.
And I don't you could ever starve one to death. More likely he's just hiding back in a hole somewhere waiting for you to start adding stuff that he can munch on.
Might not even be a mantis either, could always be a pistol shrimp too.
But dont kill it bud, they are creatures just like you and me, and deserve a right to live, so if you do catch it, at least try and find it a home.
Try lay out a trap, or look in your tank after dark with a flashlight.
Thanks for the replies.

No, I don't want to kill it, there's a demand for both Mantis and Pistol, problem is I have been unable to trap it, not taking the bait. And I don't want to put in anything in there cause I've seen what a Mantis can do...

Still not heard any more clicking.
I guess I'll have to test it, I start now by getting a small clean up crew and hope nothing happens to them.

If I knew for certain that it's there, I'd feed it and let it get bigger, catch it later. But otherwise the food in there will rot and crash my tank, no?
Yep.They will go quiet when they molt.
Mantis really get a bad rap for no reason.Their not nearly as bad as people think.
I had one in 125 for over a year never bothered anything,including shrimp or crabs.He preferred amphipods and copepods. Watched he run from my Mandarin several times.
ok...well I had just spotted a head part of a husk much larger than the amphipod ones.
comparing its shape it looks more like a pistol than the wider head of the mantis.