Ponies tomorrow!

To give you an idea of how big they are:


This is the big one, she's about 1/3 bigger than the other two. She grabbed onto the feeder which has a ruler on it's side. Her body is just under an inch, soooo cute!

Still haven't gotten them to eat. grrrrrr
These are H. Erectus. They will be the same size as Pegasus which is about 4-6 inches or so. The breeder has them trained to frozen mysis so that's what I've given them. In time, I'll get them used to mysis soaked in a vitamin supplement like I feed my other horses. One has 'snicked' a shrimp but the other two haven't that I can see. They are very curious so I'll give them another try in a few hours.

The numbers are misleading. Their body is just under an inch, with their tail they are about 2 inches. My daughter just got home so the naming will begin.

They are in a quarantine tank and will move to the big tank in a week or two.

Can Seahorses get ick? What diseases are they most prone to?

Mostly, what I've heard people talking about is parasites and GBD (Gas Bubble Disease). Parasites are very problematic. A lot of horse owners do freshwater dips on their horses before they put them in their main tank. There's other stuff associated with pouches for males, flesh rot and snout rot among other illnesses. I don't know about Ick, good question, David.

I'm pretty sure we've got 2 girls and a boy but one I can't really tell. It may be in the process of changing from female to male or vice versa. That one is going to get a unisex name. So, we're thinking:

Girl: Casseopea, Ariel, Camilla,

Boy: Squid, Octavious

Unisex: Zoot...

How did we come up with two pages of names for Dennis' new puppy and we're drawing a blank on our new ponies? I really want to name my new girl Calypso because I just love that name but it's kind of creepy since we just lost one named Calypso a couple months ago.

Any more suggestions?

Oh they're so cute!! I bet it's just so calming to watch them. I loved the picture of one of them holding your feeder!

Have they eaten yet?
We are having some feeding problems. It seems that they got kind of bewildered being in a tank with rocks and stuff so they took to hiding in the caulerpa. I kept putting the food right in front of them and the horse was sitting there thin as could be with food all around it. After talking to Dan, the breeder, we decided to move them to a bare quarantine tank. I set up a large rubbermaid container with an airline and a heater and moved them in yesterday afternoon. They started eating well immediately. Evidently, their food needs to be on a bare surface and moving. When I first put the food in they just stared at it so I used my feeder to gently move the mysis and zoom, they went right to it! So, I'm now faced with how to get these guys to eat out of a dish when the food isn't moving. Yuck. Any ideas would be VERY welcome.
Maybe just keeping them in that tank for a few days, and slowly adding pieces of rock and caulerpa...doing it gradually might help acclimate them to your main tank.
Sounds like a tuff process. One which requires a lot of time and care. I would have failed already. I would have been "eat damn it or die." Hope you get them conditioned soon. Good luck.