Ponies tomorrow!

OMG! How exciting. What's the run down. How many?

Tomorrow I'm getting 3 erectus. 2 boys and one girl. We are thinking of names. I like to give them traditional horse names so we are thinking for the boys, Man O'War and Sea Biscuit. Not sold on them yet though......

Waiting for the FedEx guy is worse than waiting for Santa!

I'm supposed to get the shipment before 10:30 which is good, it is soooooo cold today I don't want them on the truck any longer than necessary. I hope they aren't popcicles!

Black Velvet is a good horse name.

Love that book! I don't know what their colors are or will be. I'm hoping at least one will have nice cirri or a coronet (crown). :x:

With seahorses, temperature acclimation is more important than salinity so I won't be dripping these guys but instead I'll be waiting for the temps to equalize.


ill keep my fingers crossed that the delivery is on time and safe arrival. How many can you put in one tank at a time? do they all get along just fine?
Thanks, Alexander.

Horses are very social animals. They say isolation can kill a horse. As long as you can keep your water good it's best to have a bunch. I'm hoping for a total of 6 H. erectus in my 55 gallon (maybe 8, we'll see) and 4 H. reidi in my 26 gallon. The horses I get today will go into my 26 gallon for quarantine then go into my 55 in a few weeks.

Where is that guy??????

If he arrives after 10:30 I get my shipping refunded, I'll bet he shows up at 10:29!