Please Read re: Zoas

Sorry that she had to go though all this and I hope she is ok... I know this is from a couple years ago but read she had personal issues as well.
The key here is common sense. :)
As already stated, be careful of fresh cuts on your hands. Too risky. Plus if you haven't noticed, salt burns! haha
Second, there is typically nothing wrong with handling zoas with bare hands. Most people do. If you want, get some surgical gloves without any powders. What I believe is more important than anything else is EYE PROTECTION. I always wear safety glasses when handling zoas outside of the tank. It's much too easy, as demonstrated by the OP, for zoas to squirt at you with no warning. You're done before you even realize what happened. Murphy's Law says it's going straight for your eyes. ;)
mine are still growing on the little platform I got them on, they have gone from 5 to 12 little guys. How to a get them off of this and onto a rock to grow on or will they do this themselves? Also THANK YOU for this post! Mine fall alot from where they are and I reach in to grab the pedestal of their perch to put them back, I'm glad I read this in case I had the same issue.
holy crud! Thanks for the post. There are some critters I would expect issues with, but never suspected my zoos! Thanks and feel better!