Please Read re: Zoas


Reefing newb
So, I bought a new colony of zoas. I got it home and was putting it in my tank. As I did, I inadvertantly perssed my thumb against one of the polyps, breaking it. A spray of liquid came out of it, but I never really thought much of it. On my way to wash my hands after my lip tickled and I rubbed it.
Well to summarize a VERY long couple of days, my tongue is STILL green, Everything tastes like metal and I have FINALLY stopped vomiting.
Turns out, (as you all may know, but I did not) zoas have quite a toxic poison in them, I thought that they were on the mild side toxicity wise.
Doctors were stumped for a few hours as all my bloodwork came back fine. I am not even sure WHY I mentioned the new coral to them, I certainly didn't truly think that was the cause. After the docs did some quick research (I guess it isn't a condition they commonly treat) they told me that it is a toxin that can actually be fatal in humans-although it is rare-AND there is no antitoxin. I am currently on steroids to help keep my airways open, and they say it could be a couple weeks before the tightness in my chest goes, but, I am apparently lucky.
I looked online myself today and discovered a couple of stories of people trying to reduce a pesty colony by soaking an overpopulated rock in boiling water. Apparently this vapourizes the toxin and also is quite risky.

I tell you all of this incase there is anybody, who like me, doesn't realize the potential threat. Thanks for reading.
i guy in our rc club was fragging zoos and one squirted him in the eye and put him in intensive care for a week so everyone heres another reminder with zoos and palythoa's be careful, i do not frag i let them grow on to other rocks than trade them. if your gonna cut frags use gloves and face shield for real.
That is one of the first things I was told about zoas. Another thing whenever I handle corals I make sure I have gloves on. They are one of my favorite corals. Hope you get feeling better.
hope you get well fast !!!! Scary story!!!!! Make sure you research your coral!!!! GET BETTER SOON!!!!
Well, I live on an island in the middle of the north atlantic. Diving isn't common and coral is even less common, so, it isn't something the doctors here encounter. Every doctor in the ER that night thought it was the most interesting case and wanted to be involved in the research.
Have any of you been sick from this? How long does it take to get over it? Thanks for the well wishes:)
I suggest that this thread should be made a sticky just so that people are aware.

I have heard of local reefers keeping a folder of creatures and corals with their system with pics. They note any toxic ones what the toxin is type and any known remedy for poisoning. Not a bad idea at all.
I don't know if I got the toxin in my eye, or if the infection just spread but I am now seeing an opthamologist daily for a scary, nasty eye infection...shoot me.