Please Read re: Zoas

That was hilarious,Goodman!!!!
Michelle, thanks for sharing this information. I knew they were toxic, but not having any myself, did not realize just how toxic.

Hope you heal quickly and get better real soon.
Some guy here in the D.C. area poured boiling water on LR to kill off some Zoas. He inhaled the vapor and spent days on a lung machine in the hospital.
She had some other serious health problems (unrelated to the zoa thing). I have messaged her in the past year, but never heard back. I'm hoping for the best for her -- I hope she just got really busy living her life and didn't have enough time for us anymore :).
I hope nothing bad happened. I mean people do have things come up that take em away. I did get a wierd creepy feeling reading this thread.
Guys Michelle posted after she recovered from this palytoxin event but she had some MAJOR health issues. I really hope she is well, she was a sweetheart.