Please help me identify

What is it

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Reefing newb
Some look like leafs attached to the rock. I dont know if its a mushroom or a sponge??


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macroalgae can be very beneficial, but also problematic if not kept under control. It will help reduce some of your unwantedwater contaminants (nitrate, phosphate, CO2) , and can also help with oxygenation. Let it grow, and cut it back when you feel that it is getting to large, and if you have enough, some people will even buy it off of you.

If you dont want it in your display, you could always start a refugium.
Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna have to upgrade my test kits to get more sensitive data, because there showing 0 ppm Nitrate and Nitrites, 0 phosphate 0 Ammonia and a 8.1 PH ..... Salinity is at 1.026 and temp at 79. I'm using API Test kits. I know Nitrates and Nitrites still exist, its kinda of aggravating. I gonna start a refugium soon, and recommendations on which one
if your tank is drilled, i have always just used a regular aquarium, and put my own baffles in how I want it set up. If you have to go with the HOB, then the CPR aquafuge is always a good option.