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Reefing newb
I was looking in my tank yesterday and saw something in a pink color with like a transparent tube in the center growing on the live rock.It doesn't look like a mushroom because it has no stem, its pink in color round or oval with a transparent tube like in the center i cant take a pic because its in the back of the live rock can someone help me identify what it is. Thanks Oscar
as long as it does not get stinging tentacles on the edges of the oral disc just keep an eye on it and enjoy until it is proven not to be good. at this point without a pic. no tellin what it is. as long as it is not aptasia you should be fine. so just watch it and eventually it will be big enough to identify. watch also to see if it spreads or if there are others in the tank. keep us posted. WECOME TO THE FORUM. COME JOIN US AT CHAT ON MON, WENS, FRID, 6PM PACIFIC TIME.
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thanks jhnrb and yes i think they are spreading on the same live rock i saw about three of them i will try to take a pic to post see if you can identify it i will make it to the chat on monday talk to you then once again thanks for the help
I got some

I got some on my father in lawas liverock and his are about the size of a quater at the base, and has two openings that look like they allow water in one , and out the other, i try to post a pic.
with out a pic cant be sure, but just had a thought. could be a medusa polyp. if it is that is good. you will like these. have a redish brown stalk apprx 3 inches and 3/16 thick with a cap and short tentacles . well anyway just thought id throw it in as a possible. little early to really tell though. so waiting for pics. from justin and oscar.
Does it look like this pic if so it is an aiptasia.Let us know if it looks simular.So we can help with removing it
no it doesn't look like that at all like i said round or oval pinkish in color with a transparent tube like in the center something like a mushroom but it doesn't have a stalk because its to close to the rock atleast i cant see one thanks oscar p.s. those pics will be coming